Health Benefits of Chair Massage … In the office!

Some time away to relax and recharge during a stressful workday can seem impossible, especially if you are working more hours, need to make a deadline and you just feel like you are getting burnt out. This is the time that you need it the most. Corporate chair massage makes it easy to access physical, mental, and emotional wellness right in your office, in a way that works for your schedule and office environment.

What happens in a chair massage?

When the Massage Therapist first arrives, the massage therapist may set up in a quiet empty office, conference room or an empty cubical. They may ask you a few questions, if you have pain possibly in your neck, shoulder, lower back etc. if you are not familiar on how to sit in a massage chair, you will be leaning forward into the massage chair with your face nestled in the face cradle while the therapist massages your neck, back, arms, and hands, soft music maybe playing in the background just to take you away for a little while. There’s no special preparation or change of clothes required, and you enjoy the physical, mental, and emotional benefits of a massage.

Why get chair massage at your office?

The workplace can be very stressful, we are always on the go, you need to make that deadline, your anxiety level has reached to the top and you may not even have any time to eat. Your worried about every little thing. Here are some top benefits of chair massage and why companies are providing chair massage in the workplace.

Physical health: Reduce pain, increase flexibility

One of the most important benefits of chair massage is the good it does for your body. Sitting at the desk for hours on end, hunched over the screen can cause chronic neck and back pain, as well as wrist and arm issues that may lead to carpal tunnel, even if you are on your feet all day chair massage can ease away low back pain, neck pain. Having chair massage at the work place can be provided on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly schedule.

Chair massage also has lasting physical effects that help boost wellness long after your time in the chair is over. Massage is often used to reduce tension headaches and treat and even prevent chronic migraines. A study has shown that a single 15-minute chair massage can promote increased blood circulation, lower blood pressure, and strengthened the immune system— these benefits may last days or even weeks after.

Mental Wellness: Decrease stress and anxiety, improve energy and mood

We all know that the physical stress that builds up in our bodies can also be a cause of our emotional stress.
Workplace massage is a great way to fight the stress and anxiety that builds up through-out the day. Stepping away from the to-do list to sink into a massage chair mid-day is so much more than just a physical treat. Some of the mental and emotional benefits of chair massage include reduced stress, decreased anxiety, improved overall mood, and increased energy.  Massage can soothe nerves, in just a few minutes.

The stress-relieving benefits of chair massage can help the whole workplace or for the individual. Providing a mid-day morale boosting massage is good for teams at every level.  Showing employees that they are valued and respected promotes an atmosphere of teamwork, trust, and loyalty in the workplace.

Benefits of Chair Massage for the Employer. Chair massage is also beneficial for the employer as it can increase morale, reduce sick time and absenteeism, reduces the high cost of employee turnover. Helps attract top talent to the company. Adding Chair massage to a tradeshow, convention massage, Marketing Events, Heath Fairs massage, Mobile Massage Events, VIP lounges, Production Companies, can really leave a lasting impression. You truly can add Chair massage to any event right at your location, Spa Stations can also be incorporated into any event manicures, pedicures, facials, and foot massage. The Pampered Soul is here to make your event a true success.

Chair massage that works with your office schedule

It can be difficult planning events for your company through-out the year either being for a Holiday party, Company picnics or for those company-wide perks, but Chair massage or spa stations does not have to be. Once you know you would like to add chair massage or spa stations to your event or for your on-going office wellness, scheduling is easy. Depending on the size of your company, chair massage can be scheduled for 2 to 3 hours or even longer. If your company is very large and you want to make sure each employee receives a service, more than one Therapist can be provided. A schedule can be put together by Human Resources via email and you can choose the time and length that you would like to reserve.

To Conclude, the benefits of Chair Massage in the workplace can really be beneficial for your employees at any job, why not add Chair Massage or spa services to your on-going wellness program. I am positive to say that you truly will see a difference in your employee’s overall well-being.