What is a Mobile SPA PARTY?

Several times a month I receive calls from potential clients who are looking to book a spa party, “what do you mean by a mobile spa party”? some assume that we come in an RV and the services take place outside in a Van, truck or some sort of vehicle. Although there are some Mobile Spa Companies that do provide spa services in an equipped vehicle, most Mobile Spa Companies including The Pampered Soul brings the spa right into the clients home, office, hotel suite or wherever the venue is being held.

In the past several years, Mobile Spa Parties have increasingly become more and more popular. People are looking for something that is more unique then going to the spa with their friends or wanting to add a different theme to their events. Spa Parties can be incorporated into any setting, celebration or events, such as Bachelorette Parties, Bridal Showers, Baby Showers, Corporate Entertaining/ employee wellness, Marketing Events, Product launching, Birthday’s, Sporting events, Production events, VIP events or just because. Really, whatever the celebration or event may be Spa Services can be added.

How to Book a Spa Party:

First thing to ask yourself is where, when and who will you be inviting to the Spa Party? Once you have most of your information, call a local mobile massage and Spa Company such as The Pampered Soul. Tell them what kind of party or event that you will be having, the date in which you would like to have the spa party and where it is located, and how many guests you will be inviting. If it is a large event, no Problem! Our company can handle any size!

Most companies may have different spa party ideas for you to choose from, here are just a few.

*A La Carte Services

Looking to relax with your friends and enjoy the day with spa services right in the comfort of your own home or location of your choice, then a la carte services would be the best fit for your spa party. You and your guests can choose as many spa services as they please, they may include one hour massages, facials, manicures, pedicures, body treatments, hand and foot treatments and more.

Most companies will have all their spa services that they provide on their website.

The spa company may ask you to email them at least 2 weeks before the spa party with your guest’s names and spa services that they will be receiving, as they can plan on sending out the right professionals for each service, a schedule maybe put together so your party goes smoothly. This kind of Spa party may take 3 to 5 hours depending on the size of the party, make sure each guest is able to attend, if someone in your party needs to leave early, let the spa company know and they will schedule them first. The Spa Party Company will bring everything they need to make your day as Pampering as possible, massage tables, sheets, spa pedicure/manicure bowls, towels, creams, scrubs, polish, you name it they will bring it.

*Spa Stations:

Spa Stations are a great addition to any event small or large.

They are based by the hour and are more express services then the a la carte Spa Party. You can choose which stations you think would best fit for your event, chair massage, express manicures, express pedicures, foot massage station or even express facials. The spa company will bring all necessary equipment. Some spa Companies may ask that you book the spa stations for a minimum of 3 hours and 3 stations, during that time, each guest will rotate to each spa station. They may like to go to all of them or maybe just one.

*Spa Party Packages:

Packages are great for any spa party, each guest will receive the same services from that package that you choose, and will bring the right amount of Spa professionals to the party and necessary products and equipment.

*Floating Massage Station:

Ok so Floating doesn’t mean the massage therapist will be floating in the air but they can be walking around your event providing massages for your guests. They may have aromatherapy creams to choose from and can give a hand massage, or even neck and back massage as you mingle with your friends, or co-workers etc.

Mobile Spa Parties really are a great addition to any event or Celebration, The Pampered Soul has done hundreds of Spa Parties, and each one is more unique and exciting then the next. We truly enjoy seeing every guest just enjoying themselves in a relaxing atmosphere where they can mingle and have fun with their friends and family. I truly am blessed to have such an amazing mobile massage and spa company in which we can spoil and take care of all our guests. So, if you are having a party or event of any kind, think about adding Spa Parties a great way to relax and enjoy the day with your friends, family and co-workers.